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PROVEN BY RESEARCH: Increase Velocity While Protecting His Arm! 🔥
Amazing Pitch-Pro™ Velocity Trainer Instantly Makes Your Pitcher Throw Harder… Safely!

“Great tool! It’s helped me clear my arm action and mechanics.
I would recommend it to everyone who plays baseball!”

– Deolis Guerra, MLB Pitcher

The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer is an amazing tool that forces proper mechanics and follow through by restricting your pitcher to the correct arm path.

Use it anytime, or anywhere to warm up, build strength, or practice without “having” to throw a baseball—reducing the load on his throwing arm.

In addition to the research on velocity development, pitchers have reported dramatic improvements in mechanical efficiency and a reduction in overall arm stress, fatigue and soreness. 💪

IT’S TRUE! The The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer builds velocity and reduces stress at the same time.

The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer has been proven to increase release point distance up to 10 inches. This means that not only will you add real velocity (radar gun), but you’ll also add Visual Velocity, which is how fast your pitch looks to the hitter. 💥👀

FACT: A 10 inch difference in release point will add an additional 2MPH to your fastball.


You’ll also get late break on your breaking ball and off speed pitches… When you release the ball 10 inches closer to the plate, all of your pitches will break 10 inches closer to the hitter.

Your pitches will be right on top of hitters making it nearly impossible to detect what pitches you’re throwing… until it’s too late. 👋

Using The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer will also help you stay closed longer which will add to the deception of your pitches.

Who's using The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer to add velocity and reduce stress?
“This tool has helped my kids to understand the meaning of ‘following though the throw’ and throwing the ball in front of you…”

Nate Ramos, Youth Catcher Coach, Former MiLB player and coach

“My players have been able to correct their arm paths and improve the accuracy of their throws!”

Mike Sandoval, Former MiLB player, infield and hitting coach

“This tool has not just helped with my release point pitching but also understanding my release point from the outfield!”

Chis Arroyo, HS varsity Player

“Great tool to work on proper arm action. Players love them because they can see and feel their arms falling into the right spot before delivery.”

Rafael Lazo, Former MiLB player and pitching coach

“Being able to use it everyday has really helped me stay consistent with my mechanics.  Comfortable and easy to use.”

Jesus Luzardo, MLB Pitcher

…and countless high school, college and travel teams.
Two More Ways To Use The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer For Maximum Throwing Velocity:

1️⃣ "Replace" the number of bullpen and warm up sessions throughout the season which saves bullets for the game, when they count.  

One team tracked all throws throughout the season - practices, game days, warm ups, and live action. They reported a 30% decrease in the number of throws needed to get the same result!


Increased Pitch Counts Kill Careers! The Pitch Pro is helping pitchers reduce the number of pitches they throw.

They’re getting the same (if not better) results without the risk of blowing out their shoulders or shredding their elbows.


Pitchers are also using The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer to "stay warm" between innings (especially longer innings). They simply perform Pitch Pro Trainer reps in the dugout area.

Note: pitchers only get 8 throws between innings. 

Pitchers who use The Pitch Pro™ Rope Trainer see dramatic improvement in First Batter Efficiency (no longer using the first batter to "find their spots"). 

They hit the mound fired up and ready to maximize those 8 pitches to hit spots, get hitters out and dominate.

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Each Pitch-Pro Rope Trainer comes fitted with a 7.5” Diamond Leather Baseball, One Maritime Rope, Brass Grommets for weighted resistance, and Orange Rubber Adjustment Rings so you can adjust the amount of resistance.

Discounted Ropes Available.

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