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The “Ultimate Exit Velocity” Combo To Track, Train, and Quickly Increase Exit Velocity

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If you’d like a failproof way to help your son become a more explosive hitter and level up his game, then we have an exciting offer for you.

We’re calling it…

“The Ultimate
Exit Velocity Combo!”

This hard-hitting combination has two parts:

1. The Pocket Radar Ball Coach Radar™ 

This 100% portable radar device gives your son the instant feedback he needs to make adjustments, maximize his exit velocity, track his results, and share them remotely.

Pocket Radar has been featured on NBC sports, CBS sports, and, and is being used by everyone from MLB coaches to youth sports athletes and parents.

Easy-to-use and rugged enough for professionals and amateurs alike, the Ball Coach Radar™ is a game-changer for any athlete.

Especially if used in combination with…

2. Mike Ryan’s Pocket Radar & Exit Velo Secrets

In this 3-video series, Coach Ryan distills the knowledge, skills, and step-by-step systems (including specific drills) your son needs to get the most out of his Ball Coach Radar and…

Transform Into An Explosive Exit Velo Beast!

Coach Ryan is the owner of Fastball USA.

His methods have created 27 100mph+ hitters and 250 90 mph+ hitters and counting.

He’s helped many players get to the collegiate, national, and professional level.

Every extra 1 MPH in exit velocity results in about 5 more feet of carry on a well hit ball…

Which turns outs to hits, singles to doubles, doubles to homeruns…

This instantly makes your son a more dangerous hitter and boosts his ability to drive the baseball more consistently.

The Ball Coach Radar™ is Coach Ryan’s go-to tool for producing explosive hitters like they’re coming off a conveyor belt!

In the Pocket Radar Exit Velo Video Series, Coach Ryan breaks down everything you need to know (including specific drills and progressions) to coach max exit velocity out of your player using the Ball Coach Radar.

Secrets Revealed In The
Video Series Include:

  • The 3 critical swing phases to hitting with more power (Includes video breakdowns of major leaguers in each phase! Your son will instantly ‘get’ what he needs to improve)
  • What 100% of history’s greatest hitters have in common (Even if their swings look completely different! Here’s how you can recreate this effect in your swing to hit the ball harder than you’ve ever imagined)

  • The biggest – and maybe most common – hitting mistake that is destroying his power! (HINT: this has nothing to do with his stance…but there IS a simple fix for it)

  • A detailed plan for using the Ball Coach Radar™ to add 5-8 mph of exit velocity by next season (Even a 1-2 mph gain will make him a completely different hitter)

  • The “magnet effect” that lets any hitter transfer huge amounts of energy into the ball! (Tell your son to practice this, and watch the ball jump off his bat like a heat-seeking missile!)
  • Secret techniques to get proficient at using radar (Huge when it comes to showcases, camps, and recruiting)

  • The 3 keys to hitting for power…as shown by every top MLB hitter!

  • Coach Ryan’s favorite Ball Coach Radar velocity drills…divided by each key phase of the swing! (Improve each phase of his swing slightly and he’ll hit the ball harder as soon as his next at bat)

  • The vital importance of the follow through (Most hitters don’t complete their swing. Here’s how to use the Pocket Radar to train this critical component of good ball flight)

  • The honest, no “bull crap” truth about weighted balls (The correct way to use them…and one thing you must NEVER do or risk ruining your son’s ability to hit)

  • Why all you need is a bat, a tee, and a Ball Coach Radar to consistently add MPH to your exit velocity

  • The correct way to use the Ball Coach Radar™ to set goals (Most players are wasting practice time merely doing reps…here’s how to make a plan of deliberate practice that gets results)

  • How often should he use the Ball Coach Radar? (Clear and straightforward advice that will instantly improve his results this amazing tool)

  • Why contrary to popular belief the hitter creates 85% of the power! (And what you can do right now to get more power out of your swing)

  • The “blending” secret for using the Ball Coach Radar to improve swing technique (And why you never want to speed up a bad movement pattern!)

  • How the Ball Coach Radar rewards you for hitting line drives…and what this means for your on-base percentage

  • Advanced ways to use the Ball Coach Radar to fix gaps in your game (Not 1 in 1,000 players knows these unique, “insider” secrets)

  • The #1 mistake hitters make when hitting off the tee (Warning: this will tank his radar readings at important showcases and other recruiting opportunities!)

  • And much, much more!
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Unless he has a plan to consistently build his exit velocity, he’s simply not going to get the opportunities he could have had.

Do you really want to take that chance?

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