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Spend 5 minutes at any ball field in world and you’ll hear:


Calm down!


Play loose!

It’s great advice, but hard to practice, isn’t it?

There’s more pressure on players than ever before.

We see more and more that…


It is more crucial than ever that hitters find a way to relax and focus at the plate.

The answer is simple.

Every coach, performance expert, sport phycologist and mental toughness coach in the world agree the single best thing a player can do to relax and focus is to…


Easier said than done, right?

Our players know this but, in the heat of the moment, they don’t remember to do it.

Now, you can just slap this 1 inch sticker on their bat as a reminder to take a breath that calms them down and gets them focused.

Here’s why this sticker makes an immediate difference the first time you use it...

It shows your hitter what to do.

Showing Works 100x
Better Than Telling!

Think back over the last year. How different would your stats be if you remembered to just take a long relaxing and focusing breath before each pitch?

Imagine seeing your hitter at the plate in a big situation and watching him see the sticker, take a breath and execute in the clutch?

This Sticker Will:

• Make you calm and focused before each pitch, so you can get in the zone.

When you’re in the zone, the game will slow down.

• When the game slows down, pitches look as big as a beach ball.

When the ball looks that big, you’ll hit screaming line drives and towering bombs.

Big leaguers look at their bats and take a breath before every pitch, shouldn’t you?


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There’s only one catch.

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You don’t want to pass up on this FREE sticker and see another team with these on their bats, do you?

P.P.S. Now when your own son steps up to the plate, they will easily be reminded to breathe. This sticker is a quick reminder to help them build the healthy habit of breathing before hitting while they are young, so it can spill over to when they are an older player as well.

You’ll be shocked to see just how this one tiny change in their at bat “routine” will improve their ability to be more focused, and pick out the right pitches to swing at.

This will lead to more hits, more inner confidence and a greater love of the game. Because who doesn’t like to hit more baseballs during important games?

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